Slave to Greens T-Shirt


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Limited edition of 50 only.
1C silkscreen on 100% organic cotton oversized heavy t-shirt.

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What most people don’t know is that plants can actually walk. One day, they thought fuck it. By staying still, they automatically appear wiser, content and at ease. So next time you’re in a garden, prick up your ears. You’ll hear them laughing… at us.

Words by RJ Gao.

The Pre-order Model

By collecting the exact quantity ordered through the pre-order campaign, we are able to print just the right amount of stock that is needed — no more, no less. This means no excess t-shirts in landfill, and no boxes filled with leftover products.

Orders are printed and shipped through Everpress when the campaign ends. Each campaign needs to reach it’s minimum sales in order to be successful.

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